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Multiple-sharing Room
Most of our rooms are multiple-sharing room arrangements. This is popular with our residents for two main reasons. The first being the companionship versus loneliness factor where residents feel more comfortable with roommates around them while the other reason is the cost factor.

Single Room
We have dedicated single rooms in the facility for residents who prefer their own space and who place a higher value on their privacy. As they say, “To each their own…”

We are simply here to facilitate one’s preference and needs as best that we can.

Double Room
Double rooms are the compromise between companionship and privacy. We have a number of such double rooms to be shared with a roommate of the same gender. The only exception to this rule being in the case of couples such as husbands and wives or life-partners, who of course will be allowed to share a common room.

Every room can be customised to meet your needs. If you have your own furniture to bring, that too can be arranged. We try our best to make it feel like home for your loved ones.