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Welcome to Sommerfield Homes

The entire experience and concept of specialised elderly care has been rethought and reshaped from the ground up. Our homes exist on the intersection between technology, quality care and carefully designed SOPs to ensure that not only are our elders medical care optimised, but also that they experience the highest quality of life commensurate to their circumstances.

Quality of Residential Care

Each resident is evaluated on care needs and catered to individually. From daily activities, medicine management to food preferences.

Safety & Welfare

The safety and welfare of all our residents are looked into in detail and extra precautions are taken so that they do not accidentally hurt themselves.

Fair Pricing & Flexibility

Charges are directly related to the amount of care needed for each resident, on a case-to-case basis. We are always open to discuss care plans that are most suitable for our residents and try our best to propose price structures that fit each budget.

We have always upheld these principles since inception and will always continue to do so. Anyway you don’t have to take our word for it; just ask our care users. Most of them have been with us since the beginning…


Our Day Care service is suitable for elders with early dementia or Alzheimer’s, physical frailty, those who want a more active and stimulating social environment or for those who just want a change of scenery during the daytime.


Our Residential Care is for those who find it hard to cope with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). We help them to maintain their independence by assisting them in tasks such as personal hygiene, dressing, eating and mobility.


Our specialised program helps our elders with memory challenges (Alzheimer’s or Dementia) to live better with improved mental and physical capacity as they need more care and support as their condition progresses.


Anyone looking for short-term care solutions is more than welcome at Sommerfield Homes. Our Respite stays are tailored to each individual’s care needs ranging from a few days to as long as they require.


We welcome anyone who requires extra nursing care and around the clock support. The elder will receive beneficial services and assistance from us as well as additional medical & nursing services.


We provide help for bed-ridden patients ensuring proper hygiene, balanced diet with soft foods and liquids, Ryle’s tube feeding, chest and lung care, regular linen changes with bed in well-ventilated place and management of bed-sores if any.


Range of therapies include daily exercise, walking and aerobics, physiotherapy, gardening, hand-eye co-ordination games, mentally stimulating exercises such as jigsaw puzzles, reading and colouring, and fun-filled arts and crafts.


Transportation is available for scheduled hospital visits along with caregiver in attendance, as well as private ambulance for emergency services.
(additional charges may apply)